Our Service and Expertise

28 years of experience.
Best Customer Service.

Unparalleled Experience

28 years is good experience in the industry. We had earned our name in the prestigious banking industry for supply and after-sale service. In fact, Data Integrated has put in heart and soul in achieving excellence in calibration of both notes and coins machines.

We have senior management staff who have been serving this company since inception and are dedicated to offer their unparalleled experience and expertise to you.

You can’t go wrong with our company—whatever coins counting/sorting needs you have, we can provide them!

Excellent Service

You, our customers, are of utmost importance to us and we strive to provide you with the best services you can expect.

We are committed to give 4 times regular service per year to ensure you have the most pleasant experience using our machines.

If you have any problem with the machine at any time of the year, do not worry! We will be right at your door steps under our package for unlimited free repair calls.

Sorting all coins of Malaysia

In January 2012, Malaysia has launched the third series of coins in Malaysia and it has become a real problem to businesses having to handle the messy coin sorting and counting. The new coin series are technically too close to the old series. But fear not! All you need is to call us.

With our dedication to R&D of coin sorting machines, we have prepared for this transition well ahead of our industry peers. Now our coin sorting machines sort both series of coins simultaneously. You do not need a separate sorter to sort out the old coins. YOU SAVE TIME, YOU SAVE $$$$$$$!

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