The 3N Standard

No Coins Counting or Sorting Error.
No Flying Coins.
No Coins Jam.

Throughout almost 3 decades of specialization in money machines, we, Data Integrated, in partnership with manufacturers, have built in the 3N Standards into our machines – “No Coins Counting or Sorting Error”, “No Flying Coins” and “No Coins Jam”.

True enough, the 3N Standards are the pillars of a truly functional counter and sorter all in one compact unit. The 3N Standards have now become the industrial benchmark for the precision machines.

We are proud to present these precision genius standards to you.

No Coins Counting or Sorting Error

Of the 8 coins, new and old, the biggest challenge is to calibrate the minute differences of down to 0.6mm in diameter and 0.05mm in thickness. This has proven to be insurmountable to all machine manufacturers. But in Data Integrated, we have mastered the precision technology well and come out with products that can enjoy.

     (old) / (new) (Diameter)(old) / (new)(Thickness)
150¢  27.8mm / 22.65mm-5.15mm2.1mm / 1.92mm-0.18mm
220¢ 23.6mm / 20.6mm-3.0mm1.7mm / 1.75mm0.05mm
310¢ 19.4mm / 18.8mm-0.6mm1.2mm / 1.5mm0.3mm
4 16.2mm / 17.78mm1.58mm0.9mm / 1.12mm0.22mm

As seen from the above chart, our calibrated machines are able to achieve precision of 0.6mm difference in coin diameter and 0.05mm difference in coin thickness.


No Flying Coins

In the other brands, very often, in the midst of counting/sorting, coins will disappear mysteriously! Well, the coins do not disappear; they just slip into the mechanical compartments. We call this the Flying Coins Problem.

“Flying Coins” is a common problem for machines with lesser build integrity and precision.  It allows coins to slip through the sorting mechanism and ends up in the internal parts of the machine.

Data Integrated Counter and Sorter Machines are built to ensure the most accurate count and sort of your mixed coins in one go!

No Coins Jam

Perhaps the worst case scenario that can happen to a coins counting/sorting machine is that coins are jammed in the middle of counting, possibly to be stuck there and cannot be removed without the help of a technician. It’s not only troublesome to get the machine repaired, incurring additional cost, but most importantly it will disrupt efficiency of your business operations.

We guarantee that our machines are JAM FREE. We build our machines with premium quality and care to make sure coin jam becomes a distant memory to you.


Sorting all coins of Malaysia

In January 2012, Malaysia has launched the third series of coins in Malaysia and it has become a real problem to businesses having to handle the messy coin sorting and counting. The new coin series are technically too close to the old series. But fear not!  All you need is to call us.

With our dedication to R&D of coin sorting machines, we have prepared for this transition well ahead of our industry peers. Now our coin sorting machines sort both series of coins simultaneously. You do not need a separate sorter to sort out the old coins. YOU SAVE TIME, YOU SAVE $$$$$$$!