Heavy Duty Coin Counting/Sorting – DataCash DC1800

A Heavy Duty Coin Counting & Sorting Machine
The DC1800

A heavy duty coin counting and sorting machine, the DC1800 has the ability to identify metal quality and self-learning function customizing for coins around the world.


  • Metal quality identification and foreign
          coin sorting function
  • Self-learning function customization
          of coins around the world
  • Adjustable coin dropping width
          on coin rail
  • Printer: printer inside of the machine
  • With adjustable machine stand
  • With flip down coin drawer
  • With moveable coin drawer large size
  • Sorting speed 600pcs coins/min
  • 500pcs per drawer
  • 1,500pcs hopper capacity
  • Unit dimension 700(L)x300(W)x420(H)mm
  • 8-denomination sortable coins plus
          1-reject/ forgery coins
  • Connecting with PC: RS232 socket(COM1)
  • Display LCD super blue bright
  • Upgrade software: Upgrade online
  • Power source AC220v to 240v / 50watt
  • Countable coin diameter: 14.31mm
  • Countable coin thickness: <>8mm
  • Weight: 40Kg

Large Hopper Capacity

Machine Stand with Roller Stopper

Print all denomination value/date/time receipt

Super-Bright L.C.D display

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