High Speed Coin Counter – DataCash DC906A

High Speed Coin Counting and Sorting Machine
The DC906A

A high speed coin counting and sorting machine, the DC906A is a premium grade Heavy Duty Electronic Coin Counter equipped with Extended Hopper inclusive with 12,000 coin capacity.


  • Heavy duty electronic coin counting
  • 7 Digits LED number count
  • 4 Digits LED batch count
  • Extended hopper inclusive with 12,000
          coins capacity
  • Batch scope 1 to 9,999 coins
  • Count speed 2,300 coins/min
  • Diameter / Thickness Detection
  • Bag holder Coin Outlet
  • Reject box for mixed coins
  • Dimension: W270xD362xH240mm
  • Weight:11Kg
  • Power consumption 70W

Extra Features

  • Dedicated Start/Stop hard button
  • Favourite Batch Quantities Memory
  • Error display if counting sensor dusty

Colored Keypad | Dedicated Start/Stop Button

Large service panel for easier and direct repair and adjustment

Extended Large Hopper Capacity

Coin Outlet for Bags | Reject Box

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