Micro Print Counterfeit Detector – DataCash DC138B

Micro Print Counterfeit Detector
The DataCash DC138B

The Datacash DC138B is an advance currency & document counterfeit detector specifically designed to detect micro print conterfeit. The external magnifying mouse comes with a 10x high power magnifying glass for micro print detection.

Main Unit Features

  • Ultraviolet tube: 2 pieces (12W)
  • Watermark light: 1 piece (6W)
  • Magnetic detection
  • Large magnifier window (7x Power)
  • Power consumption: 18W
  • Dimension: 265 x 153 x 149mm
  • Weight :1.00 kg
  • Optional shortwave ultraviolet detection
  • Optional auto on/off sensor

External Magnifying Mouse

  • High power magnifying lens (10x)
  • Soft bright dual LED light
  • AC/DC power option
  • Specially design to detect micro print

Magnetic Detection

Micro Print Detection

Over Size Document

Fit Any Bank Cheque

Bright LED for Clarity

Watermark | UV Detection

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