Compact Banknotes Bander – DataCash ZK40

Compact Design Banknotes Bander Machine


  • A unique design to avoid folding the edge of banknotes while banding
  • Optimized mechanism design allows easy access to tape feeding & troubleshooting
  • A new loop is formed automatically after removing the products
  • Loop size, banding tightness and sealing temperature are all easily adjustable


  • Sealing process
    Heated wedge method
  • Banding capacity
    40-200mm (L), 60-250mm (W), <200mm (H)
  • Speed
    Up to 26 cycles/min(depending on application
    & loop size)
  • Banding consumable
    PE coated paper tape or PP film tape (Width 20/30/40mm)
  • Quantity of banding
    100 banknotes or 1000 banknotes
  • Start way
    Automatically or manually
  • Display
    LCD display
  • Ambient conditions
    Temperature 0~40 degree, Humidity 15~90%
  • Power supply
    220V, 50Hz
  • Average power
  • Dimension
    L425 x W350 x H400mm with tape track
  • Weight

PE Coated Paper Tape

PP File Tape

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