Bank Tellers’ Favourite – Etect-711VC

Bank Tellers’ Favourite
~Touch Screen~ plus 11 Denos, Mix Value Count & many features
The Etect 711VC

Etect 711VC is the OEM model specially catered for Malaysian new currency notes. It is based on original design with current exports for European banks of exceeding ¼ million units. With it’s advance forgery detection & touch screen technology, it has the authentication recognition of European Central Bank’s.

Main Unit Features

  • European Bank Grade
  • Mix value counting & sorting capabilities
  • 7 digits super-bright count LCD
  • 3 digits super-bright batch LCD
  • 600pcs hopper capacity
  • 200pcs stacker capacity
  • Batch scope 1 to 999pcs
  • 3 counting speeds 800/1200/1500pcs/ min
  • Handy performance setting
  • Mixed Value Printer (Optional)
  • External counting display (Optional)
  • RS232 online software port
    (Lifetime software upgrade)

Forgery Detections

  • Ultraviolet detection
  • Magnetic ink detection
  • Metal thread detection
  • Colour detection
  • 3D detection (Width, Length, Thickness)
  • Advance Infrared Sensors for multi-detections


  • Power Consumption 60W
  • Dimension: W243 x L287 x H248mm
  • Weight 6.5Kg

Soft Touch Screen

Mix Denominations + Value

11 denos & Advance Forgery Detections

Useful Details

Useful Details

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